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The main purpose of the camera drone is to take high-quality pictures as well as videos. Though, as you know, the camera is not the only thing that matters when you are buying a quadcopter. However, it is one of the most important things that you need to pay attention to.

Drones are taking the consumer world by storm. From the perspective of the consumer, drones are simply remote-controlled flying devices that can take photos and videos. Actually, it is much more complex in terms of the working process, which we will discuss in this article.

What Kind of Camera are On Drones?

Drones are very interesting, but most people have no idea what the different kinds of cameras are on drones and how they work. In this article, we’ll take you through some of the different types of cameras that you’ll find on drones, along with their pros and cons and other notable features. If you’re looking to get into drone photography or just want to learn more about these devices, read on!

Micro 4/3 cameras

All drones feature a built-in camera and gimbal, though many also come with a mount for GoPro or other action cameras. If you plan to use an action camera, look for one that’s compatible with your drone’s controller. For example, DJI’s Phantom 3 series comes with a remote control that’s designed to work with GoPro models and has ports where you can plug in headphones and an HDMI cable from your device.

Mirrorless camera

They offer DSLR-like image quality, but they’re smaller and lighter—sometimes significantly so. If you’re looking for something that offers a high-quality sensor and build quality, but also wants to travel light, then mirrorless cameras might be right for you.

While compact, mirrorless cameras still tend to be larger than their point-and-shoot cousins and might not fit into your pocket as easily. Of course, we can expect manufacturers to reduce their size over time. But when it comes to video recording capabilities, many mirrorless cameras out there (including all four models on our list) don’t shoot in 4K resolution as some action cams do—but that won’t matter if you just want photos anyway.

Compact system camera

The term Compact System Camera, abbreviated as CSC, has been originally introduced by Olympus and Panasonic in 2010. Initially, CSCs were a marketing term used by these two manufacturers to refer to mirrorless interchangeable-lens cameras of smaller sizes and lighter weight than DSLRs (Digital Single Lens Reflex).

In recent years, many camera makers have released mirrorless cameras that could be considered CSCs. Some even include quite high-end features like manual controls over exposure settings or EVF (Electronic View Finder) instead of an optical viewfinder.


If you’re a photographer and you really love flying, your best bet is to buy a DSLR camera that’s compatible with your drone. A DSLR (digital single-lens reflex) is ideal because it gives you greater control over depth of field, aperture, and other aspects of image quality.

Essentially, if you have your own camera and you know how to use it well, then there’s no reason why a DSLR can’t work just as well on a drone as it does for hand-held photography. Plus, if you have extra lenses for your DSLR then they can also be used with a drone too. The benefit is being able to take pictures from different angles that aren’t possible when operating handheld.

Medium format cameras

Since we’re using a drone camera in professional photography, you’ll want to make sure that your image quality is top-notch. An excellent place to start is by investing in a medium format camera. Medium format cameras tend to deliver sharper images and smoother video footage than most DSLRs, while also allowing for finer control over features like aperture and shutter speed.

For instance, if you’re interested in taking pictures or shooting video with a drone at night or in low light conditions, it’s best to find a camera that uses larger-format sensors (typically considered medium format).


From the article above, you’ll now know about some of the different types of cameras on drones, along with their pros and cons and other notable features. Drones are very popular, and they’re only going to become more popular as the years go on. If you’re looking to get into drone photography or just want to learn more about these devices, read on!