What Drones Does the US Military Use? The Pros and Cons of Their Use in Warzones

what drones does the us military use The United States military currently uses several different types of drones in its conflicts around the world, whether as surveillance tools or to launch missiles and bombs against enemy combatants. Some of these drones are small, some are large, and their uses vary greatly depending on which conflict they’re deployed in. Here’s a breakdown of some of the types of drones used by the US military, with pros and cons to each one.

Drone Attacks in Pakistan

The use of drones by the United States military has been a controversial topic in recent years. On one hand, drones are seen as a cleaner instrument of war than special ops or bombings. They allow for more precise targeting of enemies and result in fewer civilian casualties. However, some argue that drone strikes can cause more collateral damage than other methods and that they often result in the death of innocent civilians.

Drone Policy Under President Obama

President Obama approved more drone strikes than any other president in history. His administration used them as a key tool in the fight against terrorism, particularly in Afghanistan and Pakistan. While they were considered to be a cleaner instrument of war than special ops or bombings, they still resulted in civilian casualties.

This led to increased violence around the Afghan-Pakistan border and an uptick in suicide attacks. But what are drones and how do they work? In short, drones are unmanned aerial vehicles that fly themselves by following a preprogrammed path using their on-board computers. Pilots remotely control the drones from afar using either video screens or joysticks that control flight paths. They can also use cameras to see what is going on below without ever having to leave their desktops.

How Do Drones Work?

Remotely piloted aircraft, more commonly known as drones, have been used by the military for years. They are an unmanned aircraft that is controlled by a pilot on the ground. The first drones were used in the Vietnam War to gather intelligence and carry out airstrikes. Today, there are different types of drones that are used for different purposes. Some drones are used for surveillance while others are equipped with missiles and bombs to carry out airstrikes.

Who Uses Them & Why?

There are different types of drones that are used for different purposes. The US military uses them for surveillance, target acquisition, and to drop bombs. They are considered to be cleaner instruments of war because they cause less collateral damage than other methods, such as special ops or bombings. However, some argue that the use of drones can lead to increased violence because of the civilian casualties they often cause.

Legal Considerations Surrounding the use of Drones

According to international law, the use of drones is considered a form of warfare. This means that there are certain legal considerations that must be taken into account when using them. For example, the use of drones must be in accordance with the laws of war, which include principles such as distinction (between civilians and combatants) and proportionality (the amount of force used must be proportional to the military objectives).

Ethical Considerations Surrounding Drone Usage

There are a number of ethical considerations that must be taken into account when discussing drone usage. One is the question of civilian casualties. Etzioni postulates that civilian casualties have given rise to increased violence around the Afghan-Pakistan border resulting in an uptick of suicide attacks. Yet, she considers drone strikes to be cleaner instruments of war than special ops, or bombings. Another consideration is the question of transparency.

The US government has been criticized for its lack of transparency surrounding its drone program. There is also the question of whether or not drones make us more safe. While they may take out some targets, there is also the possibility that they could be used to create more terrorists.


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