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EXO Drones is well known in the industry as a brand that makes quality drones. Their newest release, the EXO X7 Ranger, has everything a drone enthusiast needs and more. It offers obstacle avoidance, 2K/4K dynamic camera, reliable flying and many other features that make it one of the best camera drones on sale today. Its all new obstacle avoidance technology means that no matter what situation you put your drone in, it will fly with ease. And at just $259 for the basic version, there is no better price than this.

With features like obstacle avoidance, 2K/4K dynamic camera and super reliability, Ranger Plus is sure to be one of the most popular drone releases this year. Get yours now! this is your dream come true. The Obstacle Avoidance System ensures that you’ll never have an accident. Ranger Plus has an advanced 3-axis gimbal stabilizer for optimal video footage. It is durable and lightweight, making it perfect for taking anywhere you want to go. . Ranger PLUS from EXO Drones is guaranteed to satisfy any aspiring drone pilot’s dreams; order your own copy now!

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What’s in the Box?

Carry Bag

Carry Bag

x7 Ranger PLUS Drone

x7 Ranger PLUS Drone

x7 Ranger PLUS Battery

x7 Ranger PLUS Battery

x7 Ranger PLUS Controller

Carry Bag



USB - Type C Cable

x7 Ranger PLUS Battery

Features of the EXO X7 Ranger PLUS

EXO Drones is proud to announce the all new X7 Ranger Plus. With obstacle avoidance, reliably flying, 2K/4K dynamic camera drones for sale at $259 there is no better option on the market. With its one button take off and landing, and 360° camera rotation, this drone will be your favorite toy ever! And it comes with a built-in live feed FPV which lets you control the drone from up to 1500 ft away. It also features a 3 axis gimbal that guarantees stability while taking 4k footage so that you never miss a moment of your adventure.

3-Axis Gimbal with Electronic Stabilization for Crisp Shots

The EXO X7 Ranger Drone has astounding stabilization abilities. Its 2-axis gimbal makes sure that your footage remains crisp and stable even in unstable weather conditions. This lets you be more efficient when filming subjects like animals on foot or fast-moving vehicles, since the added stability also lessens camera shake due to windy conditions. It also features a cutting-edge technology called Active Stabilization, which uses motion tracking algorithms to anticipate any movements of the drone before they happen and applies no pressure to keep shots steady; perfect for capturing moments from afar without sacrificing quality of video!

Full 110-degree tilt to birdseye

The EXO X7 Ranger uniquely rotates 360 degrees and tilts, giving you a birds-eye view of the blending process – complete with eye catching colors from its powerful two-speed motor at 20,000 RPM. This convenient small design has an integrated cord storage compartment, freeing up counter space while allowing room for all your other necessities. Still spacious enough to blend larger batches without hassle!

Advanced Digital Camera

With the EXO X7 phone, you’ll never need to worry about taking quality photos or video footage. You can shoot crystal clear images at 4k resolution, no matter what time of day it is. When you’re out and about experiencing all this world has to offer – whether its enjoying a sunrise or catching that perfect picture of fireworks during a summer night – make sure you always have your smartphone with you! With an unlock time in less than ten milliseconds, your phone won’t slow you down when trying to capture those precious moments!

1/3in sensor allows for vivid colours and strong dynamic range

An EXO X7 Ranger lens is what you need for taking high quality pictures. With its 3.1/3-inch sensor and backlit CMOS Sensor, you’ll be able to capture an impressive dynamic range with vivid colors in virtually any situation without experiencing lost motion detection or color accuracy.

The Smartest of Its Class

The X7 Ranger Drone has many diverse features including Follow Me modes for cinematic parallax and Waypoint GPS Pin Routes 50X Zoom Gesture commands for VR compatibility. The model boasts a powerful processor as well as an image sensor.

Grade-A Specs

While it may seem easy at first to find a way to take care of your car without harming the environment, there are many challenges that come with trying to do so. However, now there is one invention that will make this possible – The EXOX7 Ranger Drone! It’s perfect for those who want to reduce their carbon footprint and always stay safe when driving around town or anywhere else for that matter.

This fantastic piece of machinery is capable of achieving up to a speed of 25 mph. This will allow you to keep up with the constant flow of traffic, whether it’s congested or otherwise. With three different speeds to choose from, it doesn’t matter what pace you’re trying to keep up with – this scooter won’t disappoint!

This model comes with an LED light feature and a built-in camera, which enables riders to take pictures of themselves at any angle without providing any trace of them being there. The best thing is that the battery can last up to 23 minutes when fully charged – which is long enough for even the most demanding rider. 2 batteries and charger cables are included in this product’s packaging.

EXO X7 Ranger Specification

Video Resolution:2K HD @ 30fps
Video Bitrate:25mb/s Maximum
Camera Sensor:1/3.2″ CMOS
Image Resolution:4K 4096 x 3072px 
Stabilization:3-Axis Gimbal
Pitch Adjustment Range:0° to -90°
Roll Servo Range: -30° to 30°
Heading Servo Range:-30° to 30°
Flight Time:25 Minutes Per Battery
Maximum Range:1/2 Mile
Wind Resistance:Level 6 (~25MPH Winds)
Hover Accuracy:Within 1ft Variance
Motor Type:2204 1000KV Brushless
Maximum Speed:27MPH
Live Feed Range:1500FT
Live Feed Resolution:1280 x 720px
Dimensions (Unfolded):11 x 11 x 3 Inch
Dimensions (Folded):8 x 4 x 3 Inch
Weight (With Battery):1.38LBS
Weight (Without Battery):1LBS
Battery Weight:0.38LBS

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