Exo Drones vs DJI : Which One is the Best for You ?

Drone technology has come in leaps and bounds in recent years. But the use of drones is still limited. One of the main issues is that drones are still too expensive to be widely used. But there are companies, like Exo Drones, who are trying to change that. This blog is looking at a comparison of Exo Drones vs DJI.

Drones are a hobby that is quickly becoming a part of the mainstream. There are many types of camera drones and they are used for a wide variety of things. Many people use them to film the holidays and their travels, while others use them for professional purposes. These drones come in all shapes and sizes and are used for different reasons.

The last few years have seen the rise of drones from being a niche hobbyist product to mainstream technology. Amazon is planning to use drones for delivery and Facebook wants to use them for internet access. Drones are becoming more and more accessible for everyday people.

Exo Drones vs DJI

Exo Drones

When it comes to comparing Exo Drones vs DJI, The Exo Drone comes with three different frames to help you assemble the drone. The frames come with easy-to-use connectors that allow you to snap the pieces together. The product has different flight modes so you can use it for different purposes.

It also comes with a controller that has a screen on it. The controller makes it easy for you to see what the drone sees. It also makes it easy for you to use the drone for different purposes.

When it comes to drones, we are not referring to the ones that are used by the military or the ones that are made by DJI. We are talking about drones that are being used in the healthcare industry. These drones are being used for an assortment of different purposes including medical applications, monitoring, and better understanding the patients.

Exo Drones
Dimensions 9″ x 4″ x 3″
Weight 22oz
Top speed 25-27mph
Charging time 2.5 to 3hrs

  • Very efficient and easy to use
  • Its battery life is more than sufficient for a pilot’s entertainment experience per trip.
  • Compared to other bigger, EXO X7 Ranger offers more for less.
  • A bit expensive for those used to other cheaper brands
  • Requires a bit of training to master how to fly it

Feature Of Exo Drones

Safety Auto Return

The drone is fitted with an inbuilt GPS that allows you to easily record your precise take-off and landing coordinates that the copter can use to navigate back home without any issues. This lets you rest assured knowing there won’t be any nasty surprises when using the Return to Home feature.

Dual Camera

The camera is something that’s becoming increasingly important to people when it comes to their smartphones. With the invention of additional aspects like HDR, Portrait Mode, and Bright Mode, you’re given more room to capture the type of pictures you want with Photoshop-quality editing in nearly every picture you take.

High Night Visibility

The controller has a color display and is fitted with bright LED lights. The light is used to track the drone while it flies and can be viewed in real-time on your smartphone or tablet which connects wirelessly via WiFi.

Smooth, crisp video

The great thing about this drone is that it can capture high-quality 4K video and take 11MP photos, as well as deliver all without any blurriness because it moves at only 25 MPH and won’t cause any unwanted motion.

DJI Drones

DJI is one of the highest-rated drone manufacturers, DJI drones have a lot of features that make them a better option for shooting quality videos and photos. Presenting you an article about DJI Drones.

As the holiday season is approaching and many people are looking at buying drones, we thought we would write a blog showing and explaining all of the main features of the DJI Mavic 2 Pro, a drone from one of the leading drone manufacturers, DJI.

DJI drones have established themselves as the leaders in the drone market and for good reason. They produce high-quality drones that are easy to use and help businesses create a surge in inefficiency. Drones are the future and DJI will be there to guide them.

DJI Drones
Charging Input 100-240 V, 50/60 Hz, 1.3 A
Voltage 13.2 V
Rated Power 38 W
Max Transmission Bitrate 12 Mbps

  • Low cost of entry
  • Includes remote control
  • Excellent battery life
  • Prone to accidents
  • Used to harm animals

Feature Of DJI Drones


The DJI Mavic 3 is available to order from the DJI Store and resellers now with limits on the number of units that can be purchased due to limited availability. This model comes with a long list of high-quality features that make it a definite advancement in Mavic technology.

Some suggest this model is primarily designed for professionals or avid drone hobbyists but at the same time it isn’t out of reach for beginners or those who prefer to venture into mid-level tech either.


Packing a unique sensor unit into the main camera of the upcoming Mavic pro 3 has once again set the bar for what lightweight and super easy to carry drones are capable of in terms of image quality.

Given that there is no chromatic aberration along edges, making distant objects appear crisp, we must admit this is on par with many cameras that you’d attach to your fancy outfit when going to a party – but without any awkward bumps and bruises!


In the air at full speed, the DJI Mavic 3 Pro can reach altitudes of up to 400ft and fly at 47mph in Sport Mode. But if you’re not looking for a race but rather would rather glide along more leisurely, normal mode is the most regularly utilized option anyway.

It provides a slower yet smoother flight with Cine Mode reducing control sensitivity and offering even more reduced speed for those who are looking to shoot cinematographic footage.


The Mavic 3 Drone offers you options for every occasion. Whether you are a professional filmmaker or just a hobbyist, the drone’s folding design makes it easy to take with you and its portability is sure to make your life easier, making it more accessible than ever before.

The drone weighs 31.5 oz and has a storage capacity of 1 TB SSD which supports video recording not only at 1080p but also at 4K resolutions with 20 FPS (frames per second) providing excellent stability when in flight.


When it comes to drones, Exo Drones vs DJI is an interesting battleground for a comparison. We hope that you enjoyed our blog about DJI vs Exo drones. With this knowledge, we know that you can make an informed decision about which drone is best for your needs. So what are you waiting for? Go check out Exo Drones and DJI today!