DJI Tello vs Ryze Tello: Which is the Better Drone?

If you’re looking to get into the drone game, you may have considered the DJI Tello and the Ryze Tello. Both of these flying machines offer a lot of fun, but there are some significant differences in terms of what they can do and how they fly. If you’re trying to figure out which one will suit your needs best, this article is here to help!

The DJI Tello drone has been trending for a few months now. The drone comes in at a much lower price than other drones, including its counterpart, the Ryze Tello. The two drones are similar in many ways, but there are some notable differences between them as well. In this blog post we will compare DJI and Ryze tello and try to decide which one is better for your needs. The first difference is size.

Both drones come with cameras, so the camera quality is going to be more or less the same no matter what you buy. However, since Ryze Tello comes with an integrated controller and FPV goggles it’s obviously smaller than DJI’s version of the same type of controller-less drone. One thing that I really like about DJI’s tello is that it has an app available on both iOS and Android where you can view footage from up above in real time without any latency or lag!

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DJI Tello vs Ryze Tello

DJI Tello

The DJI Tello is a great drone for anyone looking to explore the world of aerial photography, videography, and more. At an affordable price, this drone offers high-quality footage and an intuitive design. With simple controls and no complex flight modes, the DJI Tello is perfect for beginners who want to learn about flight before diving into more advanced models.

The Ryze tello has been designed with beginner flyers in mind. It’s cheap, easy to fly, and has a camera that captures nice footage in 720p quality. If you’re just getting started with drones or don’t have much experience behind the controls yet, this model might be a better fit than some of its pricier counterparts.

Unlike many other drones in its category, this one doesn’t require assembly which means you’ll be able to get up and flying fast! The drone also features a protective plastic body making it durable enough for every day use. To top it off, the battery lasts up to 18 minutes per charge meaning you won’t need to worry about taking breaks while flying.

dji tello

Features of DJI Tello

Flight time:13 min. (no wind, at 15 km/h)
Max. speed:  28.8 km/h
Weight:25 g
Power:4.18 Wh
Battery type: LiPo
Voltage rating:3.8V
Transmitters: 20 dBm (FCC), 19 dBm (CE), 19 dBm (SRRC)
  • Best in Class Camera
  • Flight Modes
  • Best in Class Flight Time
  • Brushed Motors
  • No Dedicated Remote

Features of DJI Tello

Writing up your DJI Tello review? If you’re in the market to get your hands on this drone, there are many features to consider before buying it. Here are some of the most notable features of the DJI Tello that you need to know about before making your purchase decision. You’ll find much more about this particular product by reading reviews written by other consumers at sites like Amazon and Best Buy.


The DJI Tello drone is a small, lightweight, beginner drone. It’s small enough to fit in your pocket and comes with a controller that has an app you can use to fly it. The propellers are protected so they won’t get damaged if they bump into something. You can use the remote control or the app to take videos and photos with the drone’s camera.

You can also create routes on the app so that the drone will automatically follow them when you’re flying it! It takes about 90 minutes for a battery charge, which gives you up to 15 minutes of flight time. The top speed is 50 km/h (30 mph) but its average speed is around 30 km/h (18 mph). At night, the LED lights will come on so that it’ll be easier to see while you’re flying it.


The Tello has a 2MP camera on the front, which can take pictures and record video. The camera is capable of up to 720p resolution, which will allow you to take higher quality pictures or videos than a typical smartphone. It also has two small LED lights on the bottom side that will help you see what’s in front of you at night. The charge time for the battery is only 45 minutes, which means that you don’t have to spend too much time charging it every day.

The battery lasts for up to 18 minutes, which should be plenty for most flights. Plus, if you are running low on power while flying the drone, there is an emergency button that automatically lands your drone safely. The Tello’s propellers fold when they are not in use and stay safe inside the drone until it needs them again.


The Tello has been rigorously tested to ensure that it is safe for beginners. The propeller guards are made from high-impact plastic and are able to withstand impacts from any direction. The device also comes equipped with propeller guards that can be attached in seconds without any additional tools required for installation.

In addition, the aircraft’s body frame is aerodynamically designed to be sleek and compact in order to minimize drag, which improves flight time. If you’re still concerned about safety, then the system will automatically stop flying if the battery voltage drops below a certain threshold or if there is a power interruption.

Ease of Use

DJI has a reputation for making drones that are easy to use. The Tello drone is no exception. It’s small enough to fit in the palm of your hand, and it can be controlled by a phone or tablet. And because it’s so lightweight, you can launch it with one hand. The drone has a range of 100 meters and can fly up to 27 minutes on a full battery charge.

You can also control the flight path in real time via your smartphone or tablet, meaning you can take photos from angles that would otherwise be impossible with a traditional camera. If you want to show someone what’s happening at your home while you’re away, this is an excellent way to do so without having them come over.

Flight Time

Tello has a flight time of around 13 minutes, which might not sound long, but it’s enough to make sure you get the shot you wanted. It also has a low battery alarm that will let you know when it’s about to land so there are no accidents. It also has a 10-minute auto-landing feature for when the battery life is low and the drone needs to recharge. 

Features are nice, but it’s equally important to know that any product you’re interested in buying has a good track record. With drones, reviews are an excellent way to learn about issues people may have had with various models. This lets you know what you might experience and how serious they are before your drone arrives.

Ryze Tello

The Ryze Tello is a new drone that was released in late 2018. It comes with four rotors, which helps it fly more steadily than other drones. It also has an HD camera with a wide-angle lens and two different modes: altitude-hold mode and manual mode. The downside to this drone is that you have to install propellers yourself, which can be difficult to do for beginners.

The DJI Tello is a small, compact drone that was released at the end of 2017. This drone does not have propellers, so you don’t need to worry about installing them yourself–it’s as easy as flying it out of the box! You can take photos or record videos with this drone. It also has auto takeoff and landing features. You can use your phone to control the flight pattern, but there is no screen on the controller; therefore.

you’ll need another way to monitor what the drone is recording (e.g., monitors on your computer). Another disadvantage of the DJI Tello is that you only get five minutes before it automatically lands and turns off because of battery life. If you want to extend your flight time, then you will need to purchase extra batteries separately.

Ryze Tello

Model NameTello
Form FactorUltracompact
Effective Still Resolution5 MP
Special FeatureLightweight
Optical Zoom1 x
  • Easy to fly indoors
  • Propeller guards
  • Automatic take off and landing
  • Onboard collision sensors
  • Flying outside is only an option when there is very little wind.

Feature of Ryze Tello

How do you find the perfect gift? Whether it’s birthday, holiday or just-because, how do you find the right gift? Ryze Tello makes an excellent choice because of its versatility, durability, and affordability. A flying toy is not only fun and entertaining but it also helps children develop critical STEM skills (science, technology, engineering, and math). Plus, Tello makes an excellent gift because it’s designed to grow with your child from age 8 to 12 years old!

DJI Flight Technology

DJI offers the most reliable and easy-to-use drones on the market with an emphasis on safety, reliability, and ease of use for all skill levels. The company’s focus on reliability has led it to create some of the world’s leading drone technology that guarantees high-quality pictures with advanced sensors for photography as well as video stabilization for clear video footage.

With its compact size, anyone can fly this easily in tight spaces and indoors which makes it perfect for children to play around with their friends. Ryze Tello is designed for kids who are five years old or older. It comes in four colors: pink, yellow, green, and blue so there’s a color for everyone! All flight features are built into the app so you don’t need any additional tools!

5 MP HD Camera

The camera on the Ryze Tello is 5 MP HD. This means that it captures videos and photos in 720p with a resolution of 1280 x 720 pixels. The lens on the camera has an aperture size of f2.0 which allows for greater control over depth-of-field and subject isolation, allowing you to focus on your subject while blurring out unwanted details in the background or foreground. There are also three settings for burst shots: Continuous, Time-lapse, and Motion-lapse (which captures images at set intervals).

This ensures that you will never miss a moment when taking pictures or recording video footage. The phone can capture up to six different panoramic angles and rotate 360 degrees in any direction making it easy to get that perfect shot. Whether you want a selfie, group photo, landscape shot or anything else this device can do it all! It has a 2GB RAM and 4GB ROM which makes loading large files easy.

Durable by Design

Built with a durable frame and impact-resistant core, the Ryze Tello is the perfect drone for beginners. With features like Follow Me mode and Draw, this little guy can do so much more than just fly. The Tello’s high-quality 720P HD camera also takes beautiful shots and videos that can capture every moment from up in the air. Plus, it’s designed to be crash-resistant so that even if you crash it into something or someone, you’ll be able to pick it back up and start flying again right away.

You can get your hands on one today by ordering one online! Ordering is easy and only takes a few minutes to complete. All you need are some simple details about yourself – email address, name, phone number – and then they’ll deliver your order right to your doorstep. Get yours now before they’re all gone!

Modular Battery

Ryze Tello is a tiny little drone with a modular battery. This means that you can fly it for longer without worrying about the battery running out. The body also separates from the battery, so you can swap out the power source when needed. The modularity is made possible by a snap-on clip that holds the battery in place during flight and allows for easy swapping.

It’s also worth mentioning that this clip doubles as a camera mount, which is perfect for aerial photography and videography. Ryze tello’s small size (and correspondingly light weight) make it an ideal choice for carrying around to different events or locations without much hassle. In fact, there are many photographers who use Ryze Tello drones to take photos at their weddings! It’s just one more way to get the perfect shot.


The DJI Tello and Ryze Tello are both excellent drones, but they each have their own pros and cons. The DJI Tello has better range, flight time, and camera quality while the Ryze Tello has a more intuitive controller, longer flying time, and a higher maximum height. If you’re looking for a drone that’s great for racing or aerial photography then I recommend going with the DJI Tello.

But if you want to fly higher or need something that’s easier to control then I recommend going with the Ryze Tello. So which one should you buy? Well, it all depends on what you want out of your drone. You should go with whichever one suits your needs best! The DJI Tello retails at $120 while the Ryze Tello retails at $70.

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