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Flying drones is an activity enjoyed by many people, especially when it comes to flying them in a populated area. This can be great to see the sights and take some beautiful photos, but there are a few limitations. Firstly, you cannot fly your drone within the airspace of an airport.

You must also not fly them in a populated area and this means that you must not fly them within 150 meters of a person or building. If we take the maximum flight height allowed, which is 400 feet, then we can start to see the places you can fly your drone.

‘Can You Fly Drones Under 250g Anywhere?’

The short answer to this question is no. There are certain rules and regulations you must follow if you want to fly your drone in the United States, and these rules only allow you to fly your drone in certain areas. This article will help you understand what the rules are, what the restrictions are, and which areas are off-limits to drones weighing under 250g (0.55 pounds).

What’s included in the Drone Below 250g?

So, we’ve got 5 questions here: Can you fly a drone anywhere? Can you fly a drone at all? Can you fly drones under 500g in private airspace? Can you fly drones under 250g below 500 feet above ground level (AGL)? Or, can you not fly anything at all – including RC model airplanes and airplanes – anywhere. Let’s look at them one by one.

Who can fly drones under this weight limit?

Flying drones below any of these weight limits is not a problem at all. Drone pilots must ensure they can legally fly a drone before flying, it’s as simple as that. To find out if you can fly your drone somewhere, check with your local laws first! The following pictures show you some of those rules and restrictions

How low can I fly my drone below 250g?

The short answer to can you fly drones under 250g anywhere? is, yes, under certain circumstances. There are a few exceptions for flying in below-250g airspace for recreational purposes.

Many national parks have begun permitting hobbyists with up-to-date FAA licenses and drone registration to fly with some limitations. Additionally, many towns and communities across America have made it legal to fly micro drones (under 4 pounds) at low altitudes in designated areas so long as they’re not interfering with other activities—think baseball games or traffic below. Fly away!

Are there any height restrictions on drones under this weight limit?

The FAA prohibits drones under .55 pounds from flying above 400 feet. This means if you’re operating a drone that weighs under .55 pounds and it flies above 400 feet, you could receive a fine or lose your license.

There are no height restrictions on drones below this weight limit. However, there is also an FAA regulation that requires all drone operators to maintain visual contact with their drones at all times.

So even if you can fly your small drone anywhere and not worry about height restrictions, you still have to make sure it’s within eyesight at all times. This makes flying drones just over any amount of weight even more difficult since they must remain relatively close to you while in flight.

Do I need to register my drone below 250 grams with FAA if I live in the U.S.?

No. If you are operating a drone for hobby or recreation, under 4.4 pounds, and flying below 400 feet (no commercial operation allowed), you do not need to register your drone with FAA.

However, if you operate your drone in UAS free flight areas and within five miles of an airport, you must notify air traffic control that you intend to fly there and provide your registration number (your registration number is on a sticker on your drone’s battery compartment).

And if you get caught flying above 400 feet without authorization near an airport or anywhere else with manned aircraft present, you could be subject to civil penalties ranging from $1,100 to $27,500.


We hope you enjoyed learning about the Rules and Regulations for Flying Drones in the United States. If you have any questions about these rules, please feel free to contact us anytime. We are always happy to help you out and guide you in the right direction!