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If you have ever wanted to fly a DJI Drone, there are strict rules before you get the go-ahead. You have to register that drone and have a license which is no easy feat. If you live in the UK then you have to be registered and licensed to fly a drone. Can you fly a DJI Drone Without a License?

Many countries have laws that restrict the use of drones in certain areas. A common question is if it is legal to fly a DJI drone without a license. The truth is that the use of drones may be legal in some countries but not in others. This blog will look at the legalities of flying a DJI drone without a license.

Can You Fly a DJI Drone Without a License?

The FAA has released new regulations requiring all drone pilots to register their aircraft with the agency before they take to the skies, but what about those who already own an unmanned aerial vehicle? If you already own and have been flying your DJI drone without a license, can you still fly it under the new rules? Here’s everything you need to know.

Flying Without a License

Recently, several people have asked me if it’s possible to fly a DJI drone without a license. The short answer is no. And it should go without saying that flying around in public spaces with unlicensed aircraft equipment is dangerous and illegal. Don’t do it! However, there are some exemptions for hobbyists.

The Differences Between Flying and Operating

When it comes to flying drones for fun, there is a key difference between operating and flying. To operate means you are simply using your drone; in other words, taking it out of its box and pressing start on your remote control.

Operating also involves knowing how to get your drone off of its landing pad or return home after takeoff. However, when you take flight with your DJI drone without a license, you are doing much more than operating: you are taking responsibility for every aspect of your machine’s flight path, from launch to landing.

What Can You Do With an Unmanned Aircraft

The right to unmanned flight is limited. Just because you have a drone doesn’t mean you can do whatever you want with it. In many countries, including Australia, drone flight isn’t regulated as strictly as it is in America—but there are still restrictions on what you can and can’t do with them.

For example, while they’re permitted for commercial use in Australia, there are strict guidelines on what areas they can be flown in and where they can be flown from; typically no more than 30 meters above buildings or vehicles.

The same applies to personal use—unless you have your unmanned aircraft license (UAC), flying at night or in overpopulated areas is not permitted for non-commercial drone users.

Top 5 Reasons to get your Remote Pilot Certificate (RPC)

For most of us, getting an airplane or helicopter license would involve time in school and hundreds (if not thousands) of dollars. However, you can get your Remote Pilot Certificate (RPC) for as little as $150 and about 15 hours of training.

Flying under Part 107 is also called being an aerial photographer or drone pilot. That makes it easier to explain your new hobby to friends and family because there is no actual flying involved.


It’s important to remember that the FAA’s new rules won’t apply retroactively, so if you currently own a drone, you’re still free to fly it under the rules and regulations that were in place before the new laws were enacted. If you are planning to purchase a drone, then you’ll need to register the aircraft before you fly it, regardless of whether or not you currently own an aerial vehicle.