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Drones are a great tool for capturing aerial shots. However, drones don’t have to be just for capturing pics and videos. There are different types of drones that can be used for different stunts. In this blog, we’ll explore different ways drones can be used to perform unique stunts.

Are you looking for some of the best stunt drones on the market today? Well, we have you covered. We’ve taken the time to review some of the top models and compile our list of the best stunt drones of 2022.

A drone is simply a flying robot. These robots are highly controllable and portable. The great stunt drones are used for a variety of purposes. Some of these purposes are surveillance, filming, photography, and delivery purposes. Drones are a great source of entertainment, and many people have started using them for flying.

Following Are The Best Stunt Drones

It can be frustrating to try to find the perfect stunt drones. This is especially true when you are just starting out because you don’t know what you need. As a newbie, you need to start with a drone that is affordable, but also easy to fly. It should be easy to learn, but also have advanced settings for when you have mastered the basics.

You may be looking to make some cool videos or do some professional photography, or you may just be looking to have some fun, doing flips with your drone. Whatever your goals are, knowing a little bit more about what to look

Stunt drones are becoming more and more used in the entertainment industry. They are more durable than the general stunt drones, making it possible to do crazy things with them. In this blog, we’re going to look at some of the best ones that you can get your hands on.

Holy Stone HS170

The Holy Stone HS170 drone is a quadcopter with a 6-axis gyroscope and adjustable flying speed. It can perform 360-degree flips at the touch of a button. The Holy Stone HS170 drone has two flight modes: Beginner Mode (for beginners) and Expert Mode (for advanced users). A must-have for any outdoor enthusiast or those who want to experience an aerial view from above!

The Holy Stone HS170 drone is a high-end quadcopter with a 720p HD camera. It has six-axis gyro stabilization and can fly for up to eight minutes on one charge. The control distance is 100 meters and the remote control uses 4xAA batteries (not included).

Holy Stone HS170 drone – 6 axis gyro stabilization system makes the helicopter more stable and flexible when flying. – Upgraded 720P HD camera takes high-quality photos and videos while you fly it – Headless Mode: The orientation of the quadcopter is decided by the direction in which it moves, making flight easier for beginners.

Holy Stone HS170
Weight41g / 1.45 oz
Flight Time6-8 minutes x2
Charging Time45~60 minutes
Transmitter Range164 feet / 30~50 m
  • Decent flight time
  • Exceptional controls response times
  • Can perform stunts
  • Poor battery life
  • No inscriptions on the remote control

Cheerwing CW4

The Cheerwing CW4 drone is a great starter quadcopter for the beginner pilot. It has an altitude hold function that keeps it at the same height, a headless mode that simplifies flight orientation, and a 6-axis gyro stabilization system.

The propeller guards protect your fingers from getting caught in the spinning blades while you’re learning to fly this toy drone. The design of this model also makes it easy to transport and store due to its foldable arms and legs so there’s no need for extra storage space when not in use!

The Cheerwing CW4 drone is an excellent choice for beginners and professionals alike. This sturdy, fast quadcopter with a built-in HD camera has the ability to perform flips in four directions. It’s easy to control even without any previous experience with flying drones or RC vehicles.

Cheerwing CW4
Size36 x 35 x 10 cm
weight28 grams
Camera2 MP, 720p, HD
Battery3.7V, 500mAh, Li-Po
  • Can perform extreme stunts and tricks
  • Altitude hold mode to take steadier photographs
  • Comes with 4 spare propellers
  • video may not play on windows 10
  • the camera points slightly downward

DROCON Ninja Drone

The DROCON Ninja Drone is a powerful, durable, and easy-to-use quadcopter. This drone has the latest 6-axis flight control system with adjustable gyro sensitivity. It features a strong air pressure altitude hold function, as well as one key, take-off/landing feature that makes it very user-friendly to operate without any prior experience or knowledge of drones.

The size of this FPV racing drone can be easily adjusted by changing between four different speed modes, depending on your skill level and flying style. The DROCON Ninja Drone comes with a 4GB Micro SD card which records videos in 720P HD quality at 30 frames per second (fps).

The included 2MP camera offers crisp aerial photos and videos from the sky! Flying time is about 7 minutes before you need to recharge it again but this package includes an extra battery so that you don’t have to wait for too long before getting back into the air!

DROCON Ninja Drone
Drone dimensions5.4″*5.4″
Folded size3.93″*2.75″
Video resolution1080p
Flying time7-10 minutes
  • After that it is very easy control drone.
  • Easy to assemble, understand, and learn
  • Easy to assemble and get flying
  • Limited Range
  • No GPS
  • Average Battery Life


The JJRC H68 drone is a wonderful beginner’s toy for those looking to take flight. It features altitude hold, one-key takeoff and landing, a 6-axis gyroscope for stability, a built-in HD camera (0.3MP), headless mode, and more! This quadcopter has 4 channels: up/down left/right forward/backward. The remote control allows you to fly the drone in any direction at speeds of up to 10 meters per second!

The JJRC H68 drone is a high-end, 6-axis quadcopter with a 360° flip function. The 2MP camera offers photos and videos in 1280 x 720 resolution. It also has an altitude hold function that allows the drone to hover at its current height without input from the remote control. This mode can be switched off so you can fly it like a traditional RC aircraft or use one of the 4-speed modes to choose how fast it flies up and down.

The JJRC H68 drone is an inexpensive yet high-quality quadcopter that has everything you need to enjoy a fun and exciting flight. This beginner drone features four propellers, two different speed modes, a 6-axis gyroscope with posture control, a 0.3MP camera in the front of the vehicle, and a 2MP camera on top for aerial photography. It also includes a headless mode function so it’s easy to fly even if you’re not an expert pilot!

Remote Control2.4GHz Wireless Remote Control
Detailed Control Distance100m
Transmitter Power4 x 1.5V AA battery
Flying time18-20mins
  • The camera angle is adjustable
  • It is a good drone for beginner pilots
  • Good flight and control range
  • Average battery time and camera quality
  • Limited FPV and control distances[/i2pc

  • SIMREX X300C

  • The SIMREX X300C drone is a powerful, durable, and highly versatile quadcopter. It has three flight modes: beginner mode for new pilots; sport mode for intermediate pilots; and expert mode for advanced pilots. The controller can be switched between four channels to accommodate different skill levels.

  • The SIMREX X300C drone is a high-end, feature-packed quadcopter that’s designed for enthusiasts and professionals alike. This machine has everything you need to take your aerial photography and videography skills to the next level. The foldable design allows for easy transport in an included carrying case with space for extra batteries, propellers, memory cards, filters, etc. Take it out of the box and get flying right away!

  • The SIMREX X300C drone is a highly durable, easy-to-fly, GPS-enabled quadcopter. It features headless mode and altitude hold for worry-free flying in any direction. The 3D flips allow you to do acrobatic tricks and the 6-axis gyro stabilization system keeps it stable in flight.

  • SIMREX X300C
  • Control typeRemote Control
    Video capture resolutionHD 720p
    wireless communication technologyWi-Fi
    Composition of battery cellsLithium
  • Pros
        Hovers well and takes high-quality photographs, making it great for taking pictures
      • Capable of performing some pretty cool tricks!
      • Comes with an extra set of propellers in case of an accident###ER##GF####The battery is not water-resistant and will become damaged if exposed to moisture

      Buyer Guide

      Dimensions and weight

      A drone’s weight is an element that you should not overlook. In fact, it plays more of a role than you think in how the drone maneuvers. It definitely has a big effect on the efficiency of any flying machine! This factor is even more vital to consider when purchasing a drone for stunts.

      The lighter the model, the better it will be at doing those stunts! Thus, we highly suggest that you look for light models with an average weight similar to what we listed below. Models like SNAPTAIN SP650 have proven to offer excellent maneuverability.


      As with other products on the market, there is always the risk that your product could have something go awry. Although drones are often a considerable investment, it’s important to protect yourself from them being an even bigger burden when it needs repairing or replacing parts.

      If you’re committed to buying them, then make sure you get the most from your purchase by looking for stunt drones that come with long warranty periods so that you can be prepared should anything happen to them. You will be covered if this does happen!


      If you wish to get super clear aerial photography and videos, then you will want to make sure that your drone camera comes with a gimbal. Granted, these are not always included in the initial price of a best stunt drones but there are other ways to purchase them separately at much-reduced prices when compared to purchasing another complete unit. We have found that one of the best mantles for attaching a camera can be found on the DJI Mini 2 Fly More Stunt Drone which is an extremely user-friendly piece of kit.


      For a photographer or filmmaker interested in capturing photos and/or video, starting with at least a 2-megapixel camera is imperative to get the job done right. For example, a higher resolution camera will provide more detailed images that can be enlarged without losing quality.


      Many of the cameras in action sports today aren’t designed to be mounted on a drone, gimbal, or snowboard. Some are, but they are not meant to be used as stunt cameras – they focus too much on the quality of the recording and don’t have the durability needed for you to take them out with you on shoots where you need to film stunts.

      Now I know that some of you just want to mount your GoPro, answer some emails, and then get on your way – but that doesn’t offer the kind of versatility needed if all you’re going to do is throw each camera into random situations!


      Drones have become very popular among people because of their features like portability, ease to control, and durability. The best stunt drones are used for a variety of purposes. Some of these purposes are surveillance, photography, filming, and delivery purposes. Drones are a great source of entertainment, and many people have started using them for flying.